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Terms Of Use

Terms of use for any visitor entering the site:

 an introduction :

 This site works by an entire team and they are responsible for it and for the modification inside it, and therefore your use of it means that you fully agree to the following terms and conditions of it, and for this we always love that you read this page to know the conditions that you must abide by in order to deal with this site in a way that does not  It violates any of his policies.

 privacy policy :

 My skills site Mharaty.com respects your privacy policy, and you have full control over your information. It will still be collected only with your permission and your desire, of course,

 We have created a full page for you to know the privacy policy of the site, you can read it from here

 intellectual property :

 As for my skills site, it is owned by its owner and works through his team.

 With regard to the courses, services or products within the site, the store and the blog, they belong to their owners who produced this content with different names, and they use the site for the purpose of displaying and selling courses, services, training, products and writing articles, and this is not related to us and there are conditions for setting  The contents of the courses, services, products and articles in order to provide the best possible service to the visitor, and you can view the conditions here

 Trademarks :

 My skills site does not accept the presence of trademarks at all within the site, this harms the interest of the visitor, and it is not permissible to perform any operation aimed at marketing a specific brand, unless of course if you ask permission from the site team and they agree to that and you receive written approval from them to do so.

 Yes, it is possible for us to amend these terms from time to time, and this is of course in the public interest between us and you and to know how to respect you properly.  It is new about terms of use

 For any inquiries about these terms, please send an email to support@mharaty.com

 Terms of use have been modified last time


 Greetings, our Mharaty site team